Commisions by Kultursekretariat NRW, the theatre of Krefeld and Mönchengladbach, Kunststiftung NRW, musicschools of Leichlingen and Bochum, Kulturbüro Wuppertal, the theatre of Fürth, the opera house of Wuppertal, Bamberger Dommusik, Kettwiger Bach-Ensemble and the Bavarian Chamber Orchestra.

Music was performed a.o. at theatre of Mönchengladbach, World Music Days Romania 1999, Bergische Biennale, “Tage Neuer Musik” Nürnberg 2000, the festivals for contemporary music in Bucarest and Chisnau (Moldavia), Phiharmonie Essen, großer Sendesaal WDR and at Wuppertal operahouse.







scores and materials:



All scores published on this webpage may be used free of charge for performances and non-commercial issues. All rights belong to the author.












2015 kaleidoskop
mucial box







2015 sonata (ascensio)
five violas








2015 epiphania
organ, two trumpets, violin, cello and percussion








2014 /15 kreisförmiges ritual
string quartet








2014 aria
violin, cello and piano






sonata memoria

2014 sonata (memoria)
musical box






Missa brevis

2013 /14 missa brevis
one part choir (soprano or contralto),
  mixed choir, percussion group







2013 /14 bagatellen
ensemble (flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet,
  trombone,two percussionists, string quartet)







2013 zwei kleine hühnergeschichten
children chor






luna ay luna

2012/13 luna ay luna
mezzo soprano, clarinet (or viola) and harpsichord







2012 erwacht
choir and percussion







2012 umfragen
female choir







2011/12 summsumm / epitaph
mixed choir (ad lib. with tubular bells)







vom guten ton

2011 vom guten ton . die welt ist voll geplapper
music theatre for four voices, four wind
  instruments and orchestra of mandolins and guitars
  text: Cornelie Müller







2011 obstsalat
children choir or female voices




du, meine taube

2010 du, meine taube
four male voices (TTBB), two violins, viola da gamba,
  theorbo and percussion




das kind mit der krücke

2010 das kind mit der krücke
choir and horn






little language song

2010/13 little language song
25 gongs (three performers)
  version for musical box







2010 a-OA
soprano, alto, tenor








2010 pilgerlieder
four miniatures for choir







2010 no
trumpet and two  marimbas







2009 gaukelei
  version for two vibraphones






2009 klangreden in weiß-grün
music for the homonymous play of Cornelie Müller
  oboe, clarinet, horn and trombone





canti minori

2009 canti minori




sonata (mobile)

2008 sonata (mobile)




into space

2008 ...into space...
double-bass with sympathetic strings




2008 dane-dane
mezzo soprano and viola (with voice)




2008 estampie
guzheng and marimba





2008 hic ad exemplum sanctorum






2008 passacaglia (in terra lontana)
vibraphone and piano






2007 concertino
viola and string orchestra




electric flower

2007 electric flower
electric guitar and orchestra of mandolins and guitars






2007 sonata (communio)
accordion and portable organ






2007 ding / dong





2006 das tor des kusses





2006 ugarit
string quartet
  2007 version for hornquartet





2006 hanacpachap
mezzo soprano, accordion and portable organ






2006 nacht...
tenor and mixed choir





2006 pastorale




2006 et in arcadia ego...
oboe and marimba




2006 hasret
  mezzo soprano, viola, percussion





zeitlicher rat

2005 zeitlicher rat
  chamber ensemble (oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trompet, trombone percussion, two violins, viola, violoncello, double-bass)




soave sia il vento

2005 soave sia il vento
  paraphrasis of the homonymous Terzettino
  from Wolfgang Amadé Mozart’s opera “Così fan tutte”
  orchestra ( - 1 -






2005 echos
  two percussionists





2005 cucurucucú
  horn, harp and two percussions






2004 cantus
   mixed choir





2004 (no hay) consuelo
  mezzo soprano (or trumpet) and string trio
  version for english horn and string trio





sicut cervus

2004 sicut cervus
  mixed choir, timpani and trombone quartet





2003 soledades
   flûte de voix (or tenor recorder)






2003/2005 tinieblas
   version for organ






 2003 veni creator spiritus
   mezzo soprano and counter
   version for viola and viola d’amore
   version for alto flute and tenore recorder






 2003 ’aynaki / deine augen
   mezzo soprano






2003 sumak
  two violas





2003 cólera
  string quartet





2002 auf deinen wangen / goldene tauben
  mezzo soprano






2002 tanâvar 
  mezzo soprano, alto flute and trombone 





2001 In der Strafkolonie
  theatremusic for a stageadaption of Franz Kafka’s homonymous novel. 
  two violins, viola and treble viola da gamba




petite chanson

2001 petite chanson d’amour
  voice (with piano) 





2001 tu aliento
  mezzo soprano






2000 mneme 
  string quartet





2000 melos






2000 ...calling, from far away...




and what of the sleep

2000/2004 ...and what of the sleep of animals...
  string orchestra






1999-2002 Okeanós
  Concerto for amplified cello and orchestra






1998/99 Idyllen - Musical Scenes after Jean Paul 
  Chamber Opera (Libretto: Michael Schneider) 
  2 basses, string quartet, tuba and videos 






1998 saeta 
  six women voices
  version for six mixed voices 








compositions for children and amateurs

2011 there is no rose

2010 passacaglia (in blue)
bassoon, vibraphone, accordion- and percussion ensemble

2005 Die Werkstatt der Schmetterlinge
  music for a story by Gioconda Belli
  accordion orchestra, ad lib. with violin and tuba

2003 Die Wupperindianer
    flute, horn, trombone, accordion, harp, percussion

2002 Luise schwebt
    flute, horn, trombone, accordion, double-bass, percussion

2001 faltenbalg
 five accordion ensembles

1998 Insekten: Kinder des Lichts
  paraphrasis on Skrjabin’s 10th Piano sonata for four accordions 

1996 betrachtung fallenden schnees...
  orchestra, different instrumental groups, children choir

1995 Nächtliche Erzählungen
  strings, recorders, three percussionists, two pianos and tape

1994 Lampions
  three violins and cello










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Thomas Beimel