1989 foundation of Partita Radicale ensemble for improvised and contemporary music
- projects with improvisations, filmmusic, premieres, programs for children
- cooperation with composers from Romania, Israel and Brazil.
- october 1996 studies of classical Chinese music at Tianjin conservatory, China.
Er-Hu studies with Prof. Song Guo-Sheng
- musictheatreproject „krimi“ with „german stage service“, Marburg

- “Aquaculi-Musik geht baden” - musictheater in a swimming-pool. Direction: Cornelie Müller

- “Mr Wang’s New Face” - an intercultural meeting of contemporary music and Peking opera. With Wen Lei, singer

- “Tropeco - stumbling across the Atlantic” - Chico Mello (composition)

“Wellen - im Glanz der Abwesenheit” - a visual concert
with Wasiliki Noulesa (video)

unísonos imposibles – cooperation with Osvaldo Budón (composition) + Micaela Perera (sound sculpture), Montevideo
partita radicale


1989-1997 Duo for improvised and contemporary music ison with Karola Pasquay, flute.
Programs with texts of Nelly Sachs, Virginia Woolf, Pablo Picasso

With both ensembles concerts in Germany and abroad (Belgium, switzerland, Romania, France, Norway, China, Albania, Spain, Argentinia, Uruguay)

Premieres, radioproductions, masterclasses, CDs
2000 soloprogram Gesang der Engel - contemporary music from Romania
Concerts in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain
2003 Knittel: Ein Paartanz
Concept and stage direction: Cornelie Müller / musical direction: Thomas Beimel.
Invitations to internationale festivals: “Spielarten”, Munich 2003 and “Impulse”, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bochum, Mühlheim, 2004
2003 grenzgänge
Together with Gunda Gottschalk musical direction of projects with New music and dance with classes from primaries and teenies.
award: Initiativen-Preis 2003
2006 träume
award: “Kinder zum Olymp”
2009 hä!? - Der Turm von Babel oder der Spaß am Missverständnis

2010 expeditie in lumea sunetelor
children project / in the course of the festival “International Week of New Music” SIMN, Bucharest
Work with primary school classes since 2014 as part of the “Kultur am Vormittag” educational programme
2003 Ibn Sahl - eine Stimme aus Andalusien
The program presents - together with the Algerian musician Mohamed Mahdi - the early intercultural poet Ibn Sahl, born 1212 in Sevilla.
Presentations at the intercultural festival, Wuppertal; during the international meeting of story-tellers “ “Zwischen-Zeiten”, Aix-La-Chapel and the Jewish Museum, Frankfurt
2005 Rosarium
Cornelie Müller / Thomas Beimel
Intercultual musicproject: sound installation in the rosegarden of Munich
“orts-termine / Kunst im öffentlichen Raum”.

Further presentations:
Botanical Garden, Wuppertal, may - october 2009
Bauernhofmuseum Jexhof, Schöngeising (Bavaria), june - september 2010
2009 Klangreden in weiss-grün
Cornelie Müller (concept and artistic direction), Thomas Beimel (composition + conductor)

KLANGREDEN IN WEISS-GRÜN (Discourses in white and green) is an installation with visual and acoustic elements in which both music and the spoken word have their place. It takes as its subject the life and work of writer Grete Weil, born in Rottach-Egern in 1906. After 1933, the daughter of assimilated middle-class Jews experienced what it meant to be Jewish in Nazi Germany. In her texts, Grete Weil varies the treatment of her main theme: the persecution of the Jews, linking it to her formative experience of survival and then coming to terms with life after 1945. She connects this subject to all her other topics including the ancient Greek myth of Antigone, the story of King David, what it means to be Jewish and the subject of aging, a frequent theme of her later works.
Candour, movement, closeness and distance are fundamental elements of this composition. Music, speech, presentations and other acoustic elements interact to form layers of mobile structures in a setting especially designed for the work.

2009 Seidvilla + TamS, Munich
2010 Begegnungsstätte Alte Synagoge, Wuppertal
2012 Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia, Bamberg


    2012 WunderFlunkerStadtRundfahrt
    (or a fairy-tale journey round Wuppertal’s hidden charms)
    Original idea, concept and implementation: Thomas Beimel + Olaf Reitz
    Performer: Caroline Keufen

    The town of Wuppertal plays the lead role, but not to a fanfare of trumpets. Instead it reveals its hidden gems. For, if you are impoverished, you need to be inventive – in this case through the use of history and the power of creativity.
    “WunderFlunkerStadtRundfahrt” creates drama accompanied by music in the form of a sightseeing tour. The audience takes its seats on a vintage bus and is led to discover selected wonders of the town. The various places they visit are brought to life by numerous local residents and institutions.

    A “Bergische Entwicklungsagentur” (an agency promoting the local Bergisch-Land region) production in conjunction with the Wuppertal cultural office.



    2015 poetOmobile
    a mobile poetry workshop

    Olaf Reitz and Thomas Beimel introduce poetry into everyday life. In the form of street theatre, they invite the audience to translate verse into sound and actions.
    In a specially constructed Ape transporter, they not only bring with them an ink pad, music box, masks and a sound typewriter, but also poems that allow the audience to go on a short trip round the world taking them from Heinrich Heine and Ulla Hahn (Germany) via Ernst Jandl (Austria), Abd al-Wahhab Al-Bayati (Iraq), Idea Vilariño (Uruguay) and Marin Sorescu (Romania) to Guillevic (France). Their poetry is the spring-board that catapults the audience from everyday life into the realm of fantasy.



Thomas Beimel