composer / musicologist / violist

* 30th May 1967 in Essen, Germany.

    Initially, Thomas Beimel studied the Viola with Prof. Konrad Grahe, Folkwang-Hochschule (Essen) and Karin Wolf (Verdi quartet).
    1988-1992, he studied music and instrumental pedagogics at the ‘Hochschule für Musik im Rheinland’.

    In 1989, together with other musicians, he founded the ensemble Partita Radicale, specializing in the area between improvisation and composition.

    All their projects were conceived collectively, resulting in programmes with structured improvisation, cooperation with composers and work in the areas of film music and musical t heatre. 

    Since 1991, he has undertaken several musicological research projects which have resulted in the publication of numerous articles and a book on the music of the Romanian composer Myriam Marbe.

    Publications in Europe and both Americas: in German, English, Spanish, Czech and Romanian.
    1993-2003, regular working visits to Bucharest and Madr

    Thomas Beimel has also been working as composer since 1994. In the summer of 1997, he studied composition with Myriam Marbe in Bucharest.

    Since 1998 he has been involved in radio broadcasts, the principal topics of which were contemporary music in Romania and Latin America. 

    In 1999, his first opera was premiered at the ‘Stadttheater Mönchengladbach’ in Germany. Activities associated with the stage were continued in June 2001 with the theatre music for the first integral drama adaption of Franz Kafka’s novel ”In der Strafkolonie“ at the Wuppertal opera house. 

    2002 saw the premiere of “faltenbalg”, a stereophonic composition for five orchestras of accordions.

    Since 2003, working visits to Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico and Columbia.


    2004 “Knittel: ein Paartanz” theatre project. Stage direction: Cornelie Müller / musical direction: Thomas Beimel
    In the same year the production won a special award for composition in the Im
    pulse festival.

    From April 2005 until March 2006, he was the composer-in-residence at the “Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia”, Bamberg / Bavaria.

    2009 Klangreden in weiss-grün. An installation with visual and acoustic elements about the life and work of writer Grete Weil.  Concept and artistic direction : Cornelie Müller / composition : Thomas Beimel.

    2012 vom guten ton · die welt ist voll geplapper
    Musical theatre for four voices, four wind instruments and an orchestra of plucked instruments.
    Thomas Beimel (music) and Cornelie Müller (text). A production of the municipal theatre of Wuppertal.

    Further activities include radio p
    ortraits on Concertzender (Hilversum / The Netherlands), Bayerischer Rundfunk (Munich), Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (Halle), Deutschlandfunk and WDR (Cologne).

    CD publications with Valve-Records (Solingen)

    Monographic concerts of his works have taken place in Nurnberg, Essen, Wuppertal and Bucharest.


Translation: Bill Kings
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Thomas Beimel